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1. Legal Notice

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2. Intellectual property

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3. Links and dissemination of information

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4. Responsibilities for the content

PROVIDER reserves the right to carry out without prior notice the extensions, modifications or eliminations that it deems appropriate in the CONTENT of its Website, being able to extend, modify, cancel or add both the services it provides, as well as its content, or the way they are presented or locate them on the Website at any time. PROVIDER is not responsible for the use that the user may make of the information and services available on this Website, nor for possible infringements of third-party rights that may be committed by people who do not belong to PROVIDER. PROVIDER provides access to a wide variety of information, services, programs or data on the Internet that may belong to third parties or entities, without this making PROVIDER the editor of said content or directly or subsidiarily responsible for them or for any claims that may arise from the quality, reliability, accuracy or correctness thereof.

5. Technical aspects

The objective of PROVIDER is that this Website works perfectly and that it fulfills the purposes for which it has been created, implicitly described in the Website itself.

PROVIDER will not assume any responsibility that may arise from technical problems, failures in computer equipment, anomalies in its operation that may occur, or that the purpose that we have established does not coincide with the use that the user gives it.

SUPPLIER will make the efforts it deems appropriate in the face of possible inaccuracies or operating errors to solve them with the means at its disposal, and as soon as possible. Likewise, PROVIDER is exempt from all liability for damages that may be caused by third parties through illegitimate interference beyond the control of PROVIDER, or for potential damages or errors that, due to the presence of any malicious application outside of PROVIDER, may be suffered. the user’s computer system (hardware or software) when the user accesses or uses the website.

PROVIDER warns that the use that the user makes of the Website and the information contained herein is exclusively their responsibility, and does not guarantee that certain operations, links or treatments may cause the display of content that may offend their sensitivity or cause damage. The use of the services that PROVIDER offers for the distribution of information of an offensive, obscene, pornographic nature, advocating terrorism, or any type of invitation to commit a crime or that violates the dignity of people is not allowed.

PROVIDER will cooperate, to the best of its ability, if required by court order or by the relevant authorities, to identify persons responsible for those contents that violate the law.

PROVIDER may modify these TERMS AND CONDITIONS by updating this Legal Notice, so it is recommended that you consult it periodically in case there are changes in them. The modifications of this Legal Notice come into effect at the same time as they are updated on the Website.

The use of this Website implies acceptance of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS established in this Legal Notice. In case you do not accept any of them, the user must stop using them immediately.

6. Legal Actions

PROVIDER will pursue the breach of the above legal conditions as well as any improper use of the CONTENT of this Website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that it deems appropriate and correspond by law.