Yes all treatments can be done as a couple
It is not necessary to bring anything, we provide a bathrobe, slippers, thongs for women and boxers for men, a hair cap (if requested), a sealed glove for exfoliation, all disposable, gel and shampoo all included in the price.

We have lockers with a key at your disposal so that you can store your clothes and personal belongings. You should always carry the key with you and once the treatment is finished, you will leave it again in the lock of the corresponding locker.

In addition, our staff will be available at any time to help if you have a suitcase or bag and can leave it at reception.

At reception they speak French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

Before starting, our reception staff will explain the chosen treatment to you.

Yes, it can be done in a group, in which case they must explain to us the combination they want to make. The massage rooms are double, the hammam rooms can have more people if they wish, once we know how many there are, we will tell them the best composition and if they agree, we can already make a reservation.

The price is always per person of all the packs and formulas that we offer on our website.

Please note that tips are completely voluntary. Please, if an employee of the center requests a tip, please notify reception. Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Please, if you have any questions or problems, let the reception know so that we can correct any issue that may arise before leaving our facilities.